Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Nothing I can blog cause it seems to be lifeless. Everyday just only office & home.

♥ Music of the day
Avril Lavigne - Smile

Siokying, can't wait my holiday !

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

♥ Day off

Hello readers, can't believe wednesday officially is my 1st ever day off since I worked after 3 months. Guess what ? Imma super duper excited. That's only 2 reasons can make I smile whole day without any pressure. Seriously, I enjoy my wednesday very well :) Okay, back to my main topic, what I does on this lovely wednesday huh ?

First of all, heading to Subang, its been months I never go for study, urghh, feel guilty, sorry yea teacher :( I had tried for many times wanna go back or perhaps have some hi-tea with you ? Unfortunately, time always not allow me to do that, ish ish ! So ya, this is my neither plan for today.

Hey, rise & shine, I like it ♥ Everything still the same, the shops, the environment, the place, that's only human are being different everyday. How's terrible is that, big sigh ! I missing Claypot Tomyam all the time. This would be my lunch everyday, no joke ! That was freaking delicious, yummy yummy, hees. Friends & I do love to ordered food as many as we can. Then had our lunch together, half way eating, half way laughing. Not good for health yea, but also, not forget, WE ARE TEENAGER ♥

Ends up, I got my certificate. Thank you, teacher.
I'd consider what you told me this morning :P

Went back around 11.10 am ++, no one inside ladies coach only left few of us. That's cool, yet, I still do enjoying the silent sounds, listen song via mp3, seeing out view, but then ? Every minute just let me thinking back what had you did it before. We are living in the same world, the only different - I was there and you were here. It was past, I know....

Hey you ! Wednesday is PINK DAY ! Baskin Robin 31 :D How could I miss out all the time ? Sister & I decided went to 1utama searching around is that any suitable grown for me. TOO BAD, don't have neither one suitable (auntie's style)

She treated me yea, so nice of you. HEHE !
You know you know me :O Ice cream is my everything & beloved

Sisters love ♥

Not forgot took our dinner before go back home, Sushi Zanmai is our choice, always. And it would be my turned which is 'belanja' her. NOT FAIR NOT FAIR !!! I was screaming like hell inside the heart, lol

Tada, so fast 1 day gone. Gotta work tomorrow, night everyone !

Saturday, 6 August 2011


Guess what ? Yeecheng doesn't fetch me to Summit, but that was after I done my makeup & dress up. WHAT THE HELL ?! I was asking myself hundred time. Am prepared early and waited for you an hours. You told me that you stuck at highway cause of traffic jam ? Aiikks :S Next time should tell me early, please ! Ends up, failed to enjoy an orchestra & my belly dance class burned too :'( What a day ?

Anyhow, someone was BACK !



Evan Lui,
I don't remember how we know each other
You were sitting in front of me while the school started examination

, comedic time is always around us, ever. I MISS YOU !

Happy birthday guys, have a great bless ♥ You guys officially turn 18
We had a small gathering at Playground, lots of fun & joke, story still going on !
Although the services was extremely BAD*

Your lovely, Lavender

♥ Don't hearbroken ! It's alright

April* while I was still a student

Oppps, its been long ! I missed all the time I blog, my inspiration & my upside down little bit crazy mood. Sounds funny, hees :)

Recently, really facing lots of problem, I never ever expect you would did it, I swear to everyone you were awesome, you were great. But then, everything just like an eraser, erased all the moment between you & me. I guess its time to say GOODBYE ! once was enough, nobody wanna get twice. I wouldn't blame you, I SAID I WOULDN'T, means you're still my friend. HELLO, my cutie, chubby, fatty babe ♥

Music of the day
Dr Dre - I Need A Doctor

Okay, stop here. You can close my blog already.
I'd continue after I come back, outing with Yeecheng. Gotta dress up !

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

♥ I Don't Understand !

The day I ever remember, 5 months, it was around 5 months. You notice that ? WRONG !! If you know, how could you do that ? How could ? Big sigh* I was hyper in the morning, yes, I admit I did it okay ? LOL :D

You should know yourself very well, if you don't know, early in the morning, use mirror look yourself clearly. Till you know yourself ! Someone told me,today*

Your lovely, Siokying